Quad City Arts is officially open and excited to show off their latest exhibit.

Assembled portraits by David Van Allen and jazz noir images from the Iowa City Jazz Festival by Ron Meyer are now on display at the Quad City Arts Rock Island Gallery (1715 2nd Avenue Rock Island), as well as online. All pieces are available for purchase.David Van Allen & Ron Meyer Artwork on Display at Quad City Arts

Gallery hours are Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. The gallery is closed on Sundays. No admissions fees are required.

About the Artists

David Van Allen – Van Allen’s process begins by collecting hundreds of images of a person, using silver-based black & white film. His camera is very close to his subject during the image collection part of the process and he changes camera position for each fragment. This tends to make the portraits mildly cubist.  He then assembles the photographs (up to 200) to create a nearly life-size portrait. Through this process Van Allen compiles multiple facial expressions and hand gestures, providing the viewer a more complete “picture” of the individual.

All of David Van Allen’s pieces are mounted on foam core.

Ron Meyer – These images were captured during live performances at Iowa City Jazz Festivals. Jazz is characterized both by musical conversation between the performers (“call and response”) and by improvisation. This exhibit is my photographic improvisation, which I call Jazz Noir Images™.

Jazz Noir Images™ are crafted in the style of Hollywood 1940’s and 1950’s “film noir” cinematography. This cinematic style uses dramatic low-key, black-and-white, unbalanced compositions and negative space to elicit suspense, mystery and tension in the viewer.

Enjoy my Jazz Noir Images™ as photographic “call & response.” Imagine a visual conversation between the image and you, the viewer. Hear the sax and the walking rhythm of the bass.  Sway to the swing of the ride cymbal.  Feel the images’ emoting calls. What is your response?

All of Ron Meyer’s pieces are matted and framed.


Browse and shop the gallery online at https://www.quadcityarts.com/rock-island-gallery.html.


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David Van Allen & Ron Meyer Artwork on Display at Quad City Arts
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David Van Allen & Ron Meyer Artwork on Display at Quad City Arts

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