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Crew Neck Comedy Will Give You A Pain In The Neck From Laughing So Much

Andrew Cline

Andrew Cline

Austin Black

Austin Black

“I kill bugs for my mom. Recently she called me over to kill a daddy longlegs. I don’t mess with any bug that makes the other bugs call it ‘daddy’,” Austin Black said, during the latest Crew Neck Comedy show at Garage 3 in Rock Island.

He followed that up with these wise words:

“You ever get tickled by someone who has a straight face the entire time?”

Regarding his senior prom and being in a dance circle, Black added, “You don’t make eye contact with another guy in a grinding circle. That’s seven years of bad luck.”

Comedian Joey Ficken also offered this bit of advice: “One pro to being a dishwasher is no one cares if you come in smelling like weed.”

And this is how it goes at Crew Neck.

The Crew Neck Comedy Show is a conception of Andrew Cline, a native of Orion. The first show was in late September of last year, with the intent of host Cline wearing a crew neck sweatshirt to every show. However, shows in late July were not anticipated during the creation of this theme.

Cline is proud to be part of the burgeoning comedy scene in the Quad-Cities.

“I just want people to know there is a growing DIY scene in comedy,” Cline expressed. “We want to make the Quad Cities into another hub for touring acts.”

The next Crew Neck Comedy Show is scheduled for Monday, August 22. It will feature Patrick Hastie and other comedians from the New York area, and it’ll take place at Garage 3.

For more information see www.facebook.com/Garage3Shows.

Crew Neck Comedy Will Give You A Pain In The Neck From Laughing So Much

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