Local record label Cartouche Records wants to give you a mix tape. Live.

For the first time, the Davenport label is chrashing into Daytrotter with a showcase of some of its most popular acts, offering local fans the chance to check out songs by its artists Devin Frank, Chrash, J.E. Sunde and Brooks Strause, Saturday, July 9 at 324 Brady St., Davenport.

Both Devin Frank and Chrash have new records coming out on July 15: Devin Frank, “The Vanishing Blues” & Chrash, “Things My Friends Say”. Devin Frank is a former member of Iowa indie rock band Poison Control Center. “The Vanishing Blues” is his first solo album. Chrash is a Quad-Cities mainstay featuring Chris Bernat of the hugely successful ‘90s indie rock band Tripmaster Monkey. “Thing’s My Friends Say” is the first Chrash release to be recorded by the band in their own studio.

While both new records are coming out on July 15, anyone attending the showcase will have an opportunity to buy them a week in advance on LP and CD at the July 9 Cartouche Records showcase.

Also featured will be solo sets from J.E. Sunde and Brooks Strause.

J.E. Sunde was one of the first releases on Cartouche Records and is currently working on a follow up release due out in early 2017. Sunde’s set will include songs from his first release, “Shapes That Kiss The Lips of God” and a sneak peek at some of the new tracks.

Brooks Strause is one of Iowa’s prolific freak folk gems and tours both solo and with his band, “The Gory Details”. Strause’s, “The Chemical Wedding of Brooks Strause” released last fall was somewhat of a collaborative effort with Davenport’s Pat Stolley of “The Multiple Cat” and was recorded at his “Future Apple Tree Too” Studio in Rock Island.

For more information on Cartouche Records and their artists, go to https://cartoucherecords.com/artists or follow them on facebook https://www.facebook.com/CartoucheRecords. For more information on this event or advance tickets: http://www.daytrotter.com/live-shows/74.html.

To listen to the acts and other Cartouche artists check the media below.


Brooks Strause:

The Multiple Cat:

J.E. Sunde:

J.E. Sunde (video by Josh Ford):

Devin Frank’s Vanishing Blues Band:

Cartouche Records Showcase Chrashing Into Daytrotter
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Cartouche Records Showcase Chrashing Into Daytrotter

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