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danny-glover93 Days
Genre: Medical Thriller
124 minutes
Director: Steve Guka
Actors:  Danny Glover, Abimbola Akintola, Zara Udofia

Actor Danny Glover (“Lethal Weapon”) came to Chicago to support the Nigerian film “93 Days,” a tough, taut medical thriller, and received the Chicago International Film Festival’s Visionary Award from Cinema Chicago founder Michael Kutza.

The film, directed by Nigerian director Steve Gukas, is based in truth and deals with the long-dreaded 2014 Ebola outbreak.  As the program notes say, “Over 93 gut-wrenching days, health officials rush to prevent the disease’s spread.  At ground zero of the exposure is the hospital team,” including  Head Doctor Benjamin Ohiarei, portrayed by Glover.

Many of the film’s producers and stars accompanied the film to Chicago and Glover said, before its screening, “I can’t tell you how proud I was to work with my brothers and sisters in Nigeria.  I can’t thank the producers and Steve Guka enough for allowing me to be a part of this.”
When Festival founder Michael Kutza mentioned that an invitation to attend Chicago’s Film Festival has been extended on three earlier occasions, Glover vowed it would not be his last visit and said, “You know, I was in Hyde Park in New York City accepting an award just a day or so ago, and then I had a commitment with the school board there. Then I was cooking dinner for Harry Belafonte at his home the other night, at Idlewild to honor labor leaders, and at the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party on Saturday.”

In other words, Glover keeps busy, and he was nowhere busier than in Chicago where he appeared in not just one, but three separate film entries.

Danny Glover’s ’93 Days’ Is A Tough, Taut Medical Thriller
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Danny Glover’s ’93 Days’ Is A Tough, Taut Medical Thriller

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