Illinois employers could be allowed to fire employees who refuse to get vaccinated or comply with other covid-19 regulations if a new

mandate from Governor JB Pritzker is implemented.

The Health Care Right of Conscience Act amendment would not allow employees to use their moral beliefs as a reason to refuse to comply with a workplace’s covid mandates, which could include mandatory vaccinations.

A greater portion of people in Scott County have been fully vaccinated than Rock Island County -- 58% compared to 50%.State legislators are expected to take up the measure this week.

The Health Care Right of Conscience Act has actually been a law since 1998 and was driven by healthcare providers having moral objections to performing abortions. It was originally put into place to protect health care providers — doctors, nurses, etc. — from being forced to perform medical procedures such as abortions if they opted out due to moral objections.

Over the years, the parameters of the law have been stretched to include other procedures, and, in past two years, the law has been loosely applied to include moral objections to covid-19 mandates based on medical applications such as mandatory vaccinations and covid tests.

According to reports, Gov. Pritzker has been working behind-the-scenes to revise the law to allow employers greater leeway in disciplining employees who refuse to adhere to covid mandates in the workplace.

New Illinois Covid Mandate Could Allow Employers To Fire Unvaccinated Workers

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker.

The amendment pursued by Pritkzer would exclude objections to covid protocols.

Pritzker said “the act was “never intended to allow people to avoid public health guidance and jeopardize workplace safety during a global pandemic,” in a statement through his spokesperson. “The administration supports efforts to clarify the law, so it cannot be misinterpreted by fringe elements.”

If the law is passed, it could go into enforcement immediately.

The law comes in spite of covid numbers nationwide and statewide moving in a positive direction over the past month.

Covid numbers in Illinois have continued to slowly move downward over the past week, according to the latest numbers released today. This morning, Illinois public health officials reported 2,013 new confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 and 26 related deaths. The statewide positivity rate likewise remained low over the past week, at 2.2 percent.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, statewide, Illinois has seen 1,690,274 total COVID cases, and 25,707 deaths.

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New Illinois Covid Mandate Could Allow Employers To Fire Unvaccinated Workers
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New Illinois Covid Mandate Could Allow Employers To Fire Unvaccinated Workers

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