Opening August 19th at Moline’s Black Box Theatre is the psychological thriller “Murder in Green Meadows” by Douglas Post. The original production received six Emmy Award nominations when presented on TV with the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago. The Black Box Thriller 'Murder In Green Meadows' Stalking Into Moline's Black Box Theatreproduction stars James Driscoll, Jenny Winn, Jonathan Grafft and Lora Adams and directed by Jacqueline Isaacson. Set design by Adams with construction by Michael Kopriva. The production will run from August 19th through August 28.

Reviewers called “Murder in Green Meadows”  “A thoroughly satisfying thriller on all points. Four stars.” —WMAQ-TV. “It spins a web of deception, sex, murder and mind games as two suburban couples discover their darker sides.” —Chicago Tribune. “An archly manipulative psycho-thriller…a well-made murder mystery…it holds your attention like a leash.” —Windy City Times. “A screaming hit…a tautly constructed plot…the people are the action.” —Portsmouth News. “This tale of lust and death in the ‘ideal’ home is certain to become a classic.” —Southampton Daily Echo.

Thriller 'Murder In Green Meadows' Stalking Into Moline's Black Box Theatre

The Black Box Theatre is at 1623 5th Ave., Moline.

On picking the show for the season co-founder Adams said, “It’s not that you don’t know who done it, it’s finding out why.”

The plot finds Thomas Devereaux (Driscoll), a successful architect and local contractor, and his beautiful wife, Joan (Winn), have just moved into their dream house in the quiet suburban town of Green Meadows when they are visited by their new neighbors, Carolyn and Jeff Symons, and a friendship develops quickly between the two couples. But underneath the cool, middle-American exterior, something is truly rotten. A previous sexual relationship is revealed, as is the fact that Thomas learned of the infidelity and may have murdered his wife’s lover. Then, one summer evening, following the Symons departure after a friendly game of cards, Thomas lets Joan know that he is aware of her new deception, and his violent, possessive nature surfaces. What follows is a diabolical plot that continues to thicken through the final showdown between a murderer and an aggrieved widow.

Thursday night tickets are $13, all other performances $16. Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday at 2:00 pm.

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Thriller 'Murder In Green Meadows' Stalking Into Moline's Black Box Theatre
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Thriller 'Murder In Green Meadows' Stalking Into Moline's Black Box Theatre

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