Tuesday - July 16th, 2024

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The Video You Deserve Asks A Very Important Question…

We know you hate Mondays. We all do.

Sorry Mondays, but it’s true.

Here We Go Again... With The Video You DeserveAnd so, every Monday, we give you a music video. A fun, funny music video. Something that’ll make you smile, make you laugh, make you reminisce, and make you realize that back in the day, music video creators were probably either insane or heavily intoxicated. But were also incredibly entertaining.

We call this feature, The Video You Deserve, and you can find it every Monday on your site for fun, free entertainment and features, QuadCities.com.

Today’s video is in honor of the fact that, despite the media and world largely ignoring it, the U.S. government has admitted to the existence of UFOs. Yup, actual unidentified flying objects. It’s a freakier show!

And there’s your hint for this week’s Video You Deserve…. leading to the question we all still have…

Is there life on Mars?

Here’s David Bowie…

The Video You Deserve Asks A Very Important Question...

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Sean Leary Director of Digital Media

Sean Leary is an author, director, artist, musician, producer and entrepreneur who has been writing professionally since debuting at age 11 in the pages of the Comics Buyers Guide. An honors graduate of the University of Southern California masters program, he has written over 50 books including the best-sellers The Arimathean, Every Number is Lucky to Someone and We Are All Characters.

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