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10 Fun Things To Do Week of March 15th: Movies, Virtual Tours, Board Games and More!
Due to the cancellation of so many regularly scheduled events in the Quad Cities – with more coming in every hour – we’re focusing this week’s edition of Fun10QC on fun entertainment you can enjoy in the safety of your own home or while practicing safe ‘social distancing’.

FUN10 — ten ways for you to have fun in the Quad-Cities, this week and every week, running every Sunday, only on your site for fun, free, local entertainment, QuadCities.com!

So what’s on the FUN10 for this week? Read on …


Find a good TV show or movie to check out.

Do you catch yourself responding “I don’t have time to watch that,” when asked by a co-worker, friend or family member if you caught the latest episode of NCIS or saw the newest Netflix documentary? Well now is your time to shine! Take advantage of the event-free portions of your day by catching up on the latest TV Entertainment.

The latest column on QuadCities.com, Primer on TV Entertainment and Streaming, gives you an inside look into home entertainment and the good, the bad and the ugly in streaming.


Relax (or rage) while playing a video game.

Wall Street analysts say video game publishers stand to gain from trends such as “social distancing” and “cocooning.” This week, analysts cited Activision Blizzard (ATVI) and Zynga (ZNGA) as among preferred video game stocks during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Activision brings players the latest Call of Duty: Warzone (just released on Mar 10) to multiple devices, as well as the trusty Candy Crush to your mobile device. Zynga continues to bring everyone together with popular games “Words with Friends” and “Empires & Puzzles”.

Dust off that desktop and take advantage of Epic’s awesome offer of 3 free games. Right now, Epic Games is offering a trio of free games worth $48. You can get the highly rated titles A Short Hike, Mutazione and Anodyne 2: Return to Dust for Windows or Mac anytime before Mar 19.

No matter which device you plan on re-connecting with during this time of isolation, there are plenty of options to pass the time (a little too quickly in some cases).


Read or listen to an ebook or audible.

Take this opportunity to catch up on some reading (or listening). Based on current recommendations of keeping a 6-ft distance from others, you would probably be safe enough to make a trip to the local library. Most libraries now have an automated check-out system. And the best part is that they’re FREE!

If you’re not feeling too safe with rummaging through books that could be older than you are, then take advantage of the many electronic ways to get your literature therapy! Many libraries also have online selection of free ebooks and audiobooks. Libby (formerly OverDrive) is a great way to download these to your phone or tablet.

Has it been awhile since you’ve enjoyed the many benefits of your local library? Have no fear! Apps like Apple Books, Audible (Amazon), Google Play Books and Nook Audiobooks offer many daily deals, as well as some free options, and you don’t even need to have a library card.


Take an online virtual museum tour.

Engage in a little culture and education, while keeping your distance from potential Coronavirus carriers. Many museums currently offer Virtual Tours, that you can experience from the comfort of home. The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and the Guggenheim Museum are only two of the diverse bunch that host online tours.

Want to explore overseas? Google Arts & Culture has a collection of virtual walk-throughs for dozens of international museums, from Los Angeles to Amsterdam.

Or take this time to familiarize yourself with local museums and what they have to offer! We have the Figge Art Museum, Putnam Museum, Family Museum and the German American Heritage Center, just to name a few. Peruse the websites and read about the collections right here in the Quad Cities.


Brush up on your sports knowledge.

Many professional, college and local sports teams have suspended their seasons recently. Which can be quite disruptive to the avid sports fanatic. So take this time to become an expert and super fan!

Get a deeper understanding of the game, with some research and reading. Not sure exactly how that new rule plays out this season? Look it up, watch video and prepare yourself for when live games and broadcasts do return. You’ll look like the knowledgeable fan and will probably gain a whole new respect for the game.

Revisit past games and increase your knowledge through documentaries. Many streaming services offer endless options of highlights, replays and player stories. While it’s not set in stone how ESPN and other sports channels will be handling this abrupt cancellation of live games, they provide many options and information on their websites.

Soak up all the sports you can, even if you can’t add any new material to your arsenal.


Break out those cards and board games.

There’s no better way to bring family and friends closer than a nice game of Monopoly, or even Quad Cities-Opoly. Okay, maybe in an ‘isolation situation,’ you should stick to a slightly less competitive game. Maybe take a trip with the kids around that old Candy-Land board or show off your useless (I mean, useful) knowledge in a game of Trivial Pursuit. No matter what old games you have lying around, you might find yourself in a much more playful and enjoyable mood afterwards.

Card games can also provide hours of entertainment, whether in a group or by yourself. Brush up on your poker hand. Or maybe you could finally look up the rules to Gin Rummy and find out why Grandma her friends used to have so much fun together. Don’t have a stack of cards laying around? Check out https://cardgames.io/ for some online options!


Get on those DIY projects around the house.

Tired of looking at that corner of the room and wishing it were a bit more organized? Well, here’s the perfect opportunity to get on some of those DIY projects you’ve been putting off!

Maybe you’ve been wanting to organize the pantry and cupboards, sort through last season’s clothes or finally assemble that pesky side table you bought at IKEA last summer. This is the perfect time, if there ever was one, to take your mind off the outside world and focus on creating a comfortable, organized and relaxing home setting.


Connect with your inner artist through some arts and crafts.

The great William Shakespeare himself is said to have written some of his most famous pieces while being quarantined during a plague. There’s no denying that excessive amounts of time without outside activities to distract you, will do wonders to your imagination. So why not capitalize on that with some good ol’ arts and crafts?

Pull out that coloring book you bought and only filled in half a page. You might find your patience and creativity have quite progressed. With the many coloring book options, including ones specifically created for stress relief in adults, you are bound to find one that suits your ability. Or visit sites like Crayola.com and print out your own free pages!

Do you knit, crochet or cross-stitch? This could be the time that you show the world your talent. Or the time to simply finish up that blanket you meant to give your 11-year-old nephew when he was born. Maybe finish up those scrapbooks that you were so excited to start after having a blast at your friend’s scrapbook party, five years ago.

What ever your artistic medium may be, take advantage of these free nights and days to focus on your well-being and creativity.


Take a trip to the great outdoors.

As of now, there have not been any warnings against simply enjoying the outdoors. Find an area where you won’t encounter crowds and enjoy the fresh air. Plus, with more and more people staying home you might find some of the typically busiest places are now more peaceful and serene.

Simply take a walk around the block or grab your binoculars and check out the local bird population. Or maybe you’re avoiding the local gym and could use a jog around the neighborhood. No matter what you engage in, it’s safe to say that you will ultimately feel more grounded and natural after a good ol’ outdoor adventure.


Don’t forget about local businesses.

While most large gatherings and functions have been cancelled or post-poned, thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak, local business are typically still keeping their doors open. These companies are the bread and butter of our communities. They are bakeries, hair salons, boutiques, tattoo parlors, restaurants, cafes, and so much more. Many of these local businesses are going to need our help more now than ever.

There are some precautions you can take to stay safe while still purchasing local. Call ahead and place your order to the local pizza place, shop online for your favorite soaps and lotions from the boutique down the street. Or simply stop in and purchase a gift card to use at a later date!

QuadCities.com will bring you more ways you can help local businesses in the community, throughout this unprecedented situation.


Stay tuned to QuadCities.com, your site for fun, free, local entertainment for upcoming events in our weekly column, FUN10, every Sunday!


10 Fun Things To Do Week of March 15th: Movies, Virtual Tours, Board Games and More!
Tess Abney was born and raised in the Quad Cities. Her passion for writing and entertainment was apparent at a very young age. Whether it is sharing local events and businesses with readers or sharing her thoughts on life, she finds comfort in the way words can bring people together.
10 Fun Things To Do Week of March 15th: Movies, Virtual Tours, Board Games and More!

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