One of the strangest things to occur over the past year — and trust me, there’s a long list, so this is impressive that it hits the top — is that the government has actually come out and admitted the existence of UFOs and people’s reaction has largely been a collective shrug.

The media covered it, but as usual, the media sort of winked and laughed at it, as if the Pentagon releasing video and documents which had UFOs Are Real, The Government Admits It, And Here's A Creepy Story About Itpreviously been top secret was just a practical joke.

It wasn’t.

The information was actually real, and compelling, which is why it’s odd that people aren’t more intrigued by it. Maybe people are whistling in the dark and afraid of what it might mean, or maybe they just can’t wrap their heads around it, or maybe with covid and everything going on they’re too distracted and occupied to really dedicate much energy to it. But regardless, it’s pretty mind-boggling.

The government released a partial report, then dragged it out and stalled, after they said they were going to release the whole thing. That got kinda pooh-poohed by a lot of the media, even though the report itself admitted the government knows UFOs exist, that they don’t know what they are, and that they could possibly be extraterrestrial.


The U.S. government has admitted UFOs exist, they don’t know what they are, and that they could be from another planet or dimension.


Well, and how OFF of earth is this not bigger news either??!!??

UFOs Are Real, The Government Admits It, And Here's A Creepy Story About It

Various images of UFOs have been released by the government and authenticated as real.

This isn’t some bizarre conspiracy theory like Q-Anon or 5G towers causing covid or Nicholas Cage being a time traveler. It’s a legitimate story that’s backed up by actual government documentation and corroboration, as I amply list in this previous column if you want to see a bunch of videos showing exactly what I’m talking about here.

Now, I don’t know what these vehicles are. And it should be noted that just because something is a UFO doesn’t necessarily mean it’s from another planet or an alien being. It could be some top secret project from another country that we’re not aware of, it could be some clandestine operation from a private industry with the billions of dollars to be making these vehicles. (Elon? Is that you?)

But nevertheless, it’s curious.

I’ve long been intrigued by UFOs and stories about aliens and such. Like many fantastic stories and conspiracy theories, I tend to cast a cynical yet amused eye towards them, but I’m always compelled to read them because they are unexplained and it’s interesting and strikes up

UFOs Are Real, The Government Admits It, And Here's A Creepy Story About It

The History Channel released this video from the Pentagon showing a military jet converging on a UFO.

the imagination.

Some of the stories are obviously straight up BS. Entertaining BS, but still BS.

And then there are those which are… really strange, and really quite eerie.

Such as the Ariel School Sighting.

In 1994, the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe is the site where approximately 60 students reported a UFO and “strange beings” which communicated with them.

According to the students, the being warned them to take care of the environment and told them that if we didn’t, there would be an environmental catastrophe for the earth. By all accounts, the aliens were harmless and kind to the children and merely wanted to impart a message to them.

Why they chose this spot and these children, who knows?

But, still…

Each child drew a picture of what they saw independently. Their pictures and story’s were remarkably similar.

UFOs Are Real, The Government Admits It, And Here's A Creepy Story About It

One of the many drawings by the children at the Zimbabwe school.

Allegedly, 62 children and faculty all told the exact same story, that two beings about three feet tall with large black eyes emerged from the craft.

According to this story, one of the eyewitnesses said the following:

“It happened, OK. Sixty-two kids between the ages of about six and 12 saw the aliens land and get out of their little ships. When the kids returned to class they were completely freaked and couldn’t stop nattering about little men who looked a bit like Michael Jackson. The teachers told them to shut up, as teachers are wont to do, and classes proceeded.

“But the next day the school received a bunch of calls from parents wanting to know why their kids were spooked. It got so that the teachers started to freak out, too, and a local UFO expert called Cynthia Hind was invited to speak to

UFOs Are Real, The Government Admits It, And Here's A Creepy Story About It

The drawings by the schoolchildren were all remarkably similar.

everyone. It was via her, I think, that we heard about a famous shrink who was coming from the US to assess the children. What was his name now … Mack, Dr John Mack, who I heard was killed by a drunk driver a few years back.”

Always interesting when people involved in researching cases like this end up having strange events dispatching them. Hmmm.

Anyway, Mack was a researcher from Harvard who pursued the case and brought it into the public consciousness. That led to a number of other researchers interviewing the kids and looking into their stories.

UFOs Are Real, The Government Admits It, And Here's A Creepy Story About It

The drawings all independently depicted the same event with odd consistency.

Those researchers included this man who was actually recommended to check it out by none other than Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg.

There’s also this interview.

And there’s this one.

And this one from the Pentagon.

And this one, which is truly amazing.

But seriously though, to me this is incredibly intriguing, and I’m just amazed that it hasn’t been a bigger deal in the media. Given that a lot of the media will cover ridiculous conspiracy theories like Q-Anon and the like, that are specious and ridiculous, when the Pentagon and various other sources actually come out and confirm that UFOs exist, after covering it up, obfuscating and outright lying all these years, wouldn’t it make you curious about the various reports out there and their veracity?

It’s pretty fascinating to me.

At least as fascinating as this shocking video.

Happy Friday!


UFOs Are Real, The Government Admits It, And Here's A Creepy Story About It
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