There are few things fresher in life than LOCK 14 Dam Good Salsa. For example.
REVIEW: Lock 14 Dam Good Salsa Is Hot, Doc Kaalberg Says1). Stepping out of the shower on a hot day, wrapping a towel around your waist, and then using the A/C vent in the bathroom to air dry your undercarriage.
2). The way the pores on your nose feel for 1 min and 48 seconds after ripping a Biore charcoal nose strip off your face, that you saw in your wife’s make up drawer, while air drying your undercarriage off over a A/C vent in the bathroom.
3). Stepping into the kitchen, to a fresh batch of Lock and Dam Good Salsa on the counter that’s been prepared by your wife for afternoon snacking , after taking a cold shower on a hot day, and having dried your undercarriage off using the A/C vent, and using your wife’s Biore nose straps.
Special thanks today to Amy S. at the Moline Hyvee for helping get our salsa and snacks for an impromptu back to school picnic.
Your friend in food,

REVIEW: Lock 14 Dam Good Salsa Is Hot, Doc Kaalberg Says
Doc Kaalberg is a local QC Native of 35 years. He has traveled the world, and found himself at home here. He served with the famed 1st Infantry Division as a Combat Medic and after being wounded in combat retired to Moline, Illinois. Doc spends his spare time blogging and writing food reviews for the local QC food scene.