As the rising number of Quad-Cities covid-19 cases put it near the top 10 worst covid hot spots in the United States, and other Iowa communities already fill the top 10, Iowa is enacting a number of mask and social distancing mandates to curb the spread of covid-19.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ proclamation prohibits indoor gatherings of 25 or more people, and outdoor gatherings of more than 100 people, unless mandatory mask procedures are observed. Groups at bars and restaurants are limited to eight people unless everyone is part

Iowa Covid Restrictions Begin Today As Quad-Cities Cases Soar Towards Top 10 Worst In U.S.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has enacted a number of social policies to curb the rapid spread of covid in her state.

of the same household, and individuals must remain seated when eating or drinking.

Religious gatherings are exempt from the proclamation.

With the order comes restrictions on youth and high school sporting events, allowing only two spectators for each youth athlete.

“I continue to strongly encourage all Iowans two or older to wear a mask or other face covering when in public settings, especially in circumstances when it is not possible to remain six feet away from others outside their household, unless it is unsafe to do so because of health or disability,” the proclamation says. “It’s up to all of us to determine if our actions will protect someone or put them at risk,” Reynolds said at a Tuesday press conference. “This is the time when personality responsibility also means personal sacrifice.”

Among metro areas with at least 50,000 people, the Iowa/Illinois Quad-Cities ranks number 13 among the fastest risers, almost doubling its number of cases within the past week, from 1,476 to 2,922.

Iowa Covid Restrictions Begin Today As Quad-Cities Cases Soar Towards Top 10 Worst In U.S.

The New York Times released this graphic today with CDC numbers showing that Iowa is a growing hot spot for covid, and the Quad-Cities is right outside the top 10 worst spots in the country for the spread.

According to a report in the New York Times today, the daily average of new COVID-19 cases in the country this past week has gone up 64 percent in two weeks, hitting 116,448 today.

Helping to spike the numbers were a one-day record of 131,420 cases on Nov. 7 and 103,657 cases on Sunday, the fifth time over the last week that new cases have topped 100,000.

More than 1 million new cases have been reported in the past 10 days and the United States now has more than 10 million confirmed COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began.

Area hospitals are finding themselves being pushed beyond typical capacity and staffers and doctors are feeling the stress.

“We set our previous record high in the last ten days and doubled that in the last week,” said Dr. Kurt Andersen, Senior Vice President for Physician Operations and Chief Medical Officer for Genesis. “Where before in the summer we would be looking at maybe five or ten percent of people who came in with symptoms testing positive, now we’re over 30 percent of people who come in with symptoms testing positive.”

The Iowa Gathering Restrictions are:

Social, community, recreational, or leisure

●If more than 10 people:
○6 feet distancing between groups
○Groups limited to 8 people, with the exception of households larger than 8
○Take other reasonable measures to ensure social distancing, increase hygiene, etc.
●If more than 25 people and indoors, all participants over 2 years old must wear masks except when eating and drinking.
●If more than 100 people and outdoors, all participants over 2 years old must wear masks except when eating and drinking.
●All these restrictions apply to wedding receptions, including distancing, group limitations, and mask requirement if event is sufficiently large

 Youth and High School Sports:

●If more than 25 people and indoors, all spectators over 2 years old must wear masks and maintain 6 feet distance from other spectators ●Only two spectators permitted for each youth athlete
●Athletes of any age can be closer than six feet and are not required to wear masks

Restaurants and Bars:

Restaurant or bar, including a wedding reception venue, winery, brewery, distillery, country club, or other social or fraternal club
●Six feet distancing between groups
●Groups limited to 8 people unless larger group is all same household
●Seated when eating or drinking and limit congregating

Personal Service Establishments:

Salons, barbershops, massage therapy establishments, tattoo establishments, and tanning facilities

●Ensure that all customers are six feet apart when performing services
●Mandated to wear masks, except when performing face services

Closer/Prolonged Contact Establishments:

Bowling alleys, pool halls, bingo halls, arcades, indoor playgrounds, children’s play centers
●Ensure that groups and individuals are six feet apart at establishment
●Groups limited to eight people unless larger group is all same household

Remote Working/Other Employer Measures:

 All employers shall evaluate whether any more of their employees can feasibly work remotely and to the extent reasonable, shall take steps to enable such employees to work from home. Those remaining open shall take other reasonable precautions.
For more information, further interviews and coverage of covid cases and data in the Quad-Cities, continue to check free local media

Iowa Covid Restrictions Begin Today As Quad-Cities Cases Soar Towards Top 10 Worst In U.S.
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