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Searching For Love Before Valentine’s Day? Here’s Where You Can Find It…

January 28th, 2022
Searching For Love Before Valentine's Day? Here's Where You Can Find It...

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which means that those of you in a relationship are blissfully sweating it out with the pressure inherent of being forced to prove the enormity of your love through spending money and symbolic gestures that you hope won’t be misinterpreted by your significant other because for a moment there you forgot that you should’ve been born a psychic to read their mind and immediately know how to make them completely and totally happy. As for the rest of us who are single, we’re left with the sigh of relief of knowing that we don’t have to... Read More

If You’re Single And Looking For Company, Make Sure To Check Your Spam Folder

July 23rd, 2021
If You're Single And Looking For Company, Make Sure To Check Your Spam Folder

Spam. We all have to deal with it some time or another. No, this isn’t one of those patronizing Pocket articles trying to glamorize millenials being broke af and trying to polish that turd into a NEW LIFESTYLE CHOICE (see: TINY HOUSES! THRIFT STORES ARE BACK! UNCONVENTIONAL WEDDING RINGS! etc.), this is about the type of spam that gets served up into your email, which is often spicier than the canned food item of dubious vintage and even more full of crap than the articles on Pocket. I get hundreds of emails every day, and so, every couple of days, I have to look through my Spam folder to... Read More