Due to mechanical issues, the Davenport Public Library’s OWL’s WiFi stops have been cancelled for Tuesday, December 1st through Saturday, December 5th. This includes the following stops: December 1st at 1:30 pm – Goose Creek Park December 1st at 4:00 pm – Davenport West YMCA December 2nd at 1:30 pm – Sunderbruch Park December 2nd at 3:00 pm – Emeis Park December 3rd at 1:30 pm – Eastern Ave. Park December 3rd at 3:00 pm – Slattery Park December 5th at 9:00 am – Sunderbruch Park December 5th at 10:30 – Emeis Park December 5th at 1:30 pm – Truman Elementary December... Read More