Tuesday - May 11, 2021
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QuadCities.com Top Stories Of 2020: The Final Chapter, November And December

December 31st, 2020

And now… the time is here… and so we face… the last story of this series… Since Sunday, we’ve been running massive, gigantic, action-packed features for you running down the top stories of 2020! We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride! On Sunday we gave you a look at January and February; on Monday we hit March; Tuesday rolled out April; Wednesday morning we showed you May and June; and Wednesday night it was July and August’s turn. This morning we unveiled September and October. And now, here we are with the last story of the series, giving you the biggest stories... Read More

Facebook Is Dying, And Good Riddance

December 26th, 2020

There was a time, around 2006, when EVERYONE was on MySpace. The social media platform was ubiquitous, especially if you were under 30. Everyone you knew was on it, everyone was having fun on it. And to be honest, it was a really fun time in society and online life and MySpace was the pinnacle of that. MySpace wasn’t political, it wasn’t full of conspiracy theories and hate speech and ridiculous falsehoods, and vicious arguments and people being blocked. It was largely about people posting fun pictures of themselves and sharing music that they enjoyed, and then people generally commenting... Read More

Personal Video From Dick Van Dyke Thrills Quad-Cities Family

December 24th, 2020

Melita Tunnicliff opened an e-mail sent by an old friend Wednesday at work, not exactly sure what its attached video contained. When she watched a heartfelt, personalized video from the legendary actor Dick Van Dyke, wishing her family a merry Christmas and happy 2021, she could hardly believe it. Tunnicliff screamed with joy at her desk at LeClaire Community Library. “It was a real surprise,” she said Thursday morning, Christmas Eve. “It was Dick Van Dyke in the present day because of his age. He looked up and said Scott and Melita, and I said, oh my God!” “I made everybody come over... Read More