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Appetite For Celebrity Details Has Become Ridiculous

August 4th, 2023
Sean Leary

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Orange juice? Me, too! Coffee? Me, too! Leftover pizza? Me, too! I guess there must be some special bond between us. Something unique. Something real. You know, I haven’t felt this way since I read that Charlize Theron likes to drink Red Bull — just as I do. I hadn’t felt that way since I had read that Sarah Michelle Gellar is a big fan of tiramisu — just as I am. Those revelations were important to me, my sense of identity and my sense of well-being because they gave me a tangible, iron-clad link to someone famous. And that,... Read More

Adele Has The Right To Do Whatever She Wants To With Her Own Body

December 3rd, 2021
Adele Has The Right To Do Whatever She Wants To With Her Own Body

I believe in bodily autonomy for women. What they want to do with their bodies is up to them, and they should have the freedom to follow their own paths. That informs my opinions on their health decisions, reproductive rights, and also more superficial topics. For example, Adele losing weight. The singer has been getting bashed by people online for going on a healthy weight loss routine and getting in shape. The people bashing her are saying that she should’ve kept the weight on because she was seen as a role model for people who carry a little more weight. But the thing... Read More

Are Celebrities Mind-Controlled Zombies?

April 30th, 2021
Are Celebrities Mind-Controlled Zombies?

The Royal Family! Taylor dating Jen’s ex! Kanye West says something stupid! Ever notice that the more heinous things get regarding the economy, wars, presidential scandals, etc., the more intensely the media ignores the real news to concentrate on either celebrity scandals or deviant crimes? Sometimes I wonder if there’s a grand conspiracy regarding celebrities as well. What if celebrities are nothing but programmed Manchurian candidates, Stepford performers, who are hypnotized and controlled by secret government handlers who then program them to do silly crap to distract the masses every time... Read More