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If Ballet Quad Cities Really Wants To Make ‘The Nutcracker’ Nuts, Here Are My Suggestions

December 10th, 2021
If Ballet Quad Cities Really Wants To Make 'The Nutcracker' Nuts, Here Are My Suggestions

“The Nutcracker.” It’s been a holiday tradition since dinosaurs roamed the earth, which made it really difficult because with their small arms, T-Rex were completely worthless to catch leaping Stegasaurus in those flashy dance routines. Countless generations have grown up attending performances, millions of girls have pirouetted through its choreography and cajillions of people have walked away from its pomp and grandeur with one thought burning in their mind… “Okay, that was really well done, but what the heck was it about?” And this Saturday and Sunday, that tradition will continue,... Read More

Why Do Vegans Have A Beef With Me?

June 4th, 2021
Why Do Vegans Have A Beef With Me?

Perspective. Context. They’re two of the greatest gifts you can give yourself throughout your life. Think about the things that seemed so important to you as a teenager. The people you wanted to date. The things you wanted to do. The goals you had, the friends you had. Of all those things, which are still important to you? Do the same thing for your twenties, or thirties, and every decade beyond depending on how old you are. Hell, if you’re a vampire, go back to the 1800s. If you’re one of the Eternals, ask yourself why you were sitting on your ass when Thanos was killing half... Read More