Every year the Rock Island-Milan School District hosts its “Medal of Honor” program. The program was held at the Holiday Inn in Rock Island.
The purpose of this award is to honor outstanding students who have proven themselves to be all-around good students, good citizens, and caring individuals who bring with them a positive force that helps to influence the school to be a better place to learn and grow.

Each school in the district asked its faculty to select students based on the following criteria: makes the most of his/her talents; makes others a priority and demonstrates this by helping without being asked; volunteers his/her time, energy, and talents to the school; has a consistently positive attitude; exhibits a good sense of humor; respects himself/ herself and others; is honest; demonstrates commitment and responsibility through good work habits, attendance, discipline, and on-time behavior; and listens to the needs and concerns of others.

Rock Island Schools Celebrate Students With Medal Of Honor Program
Read the full nominations in the attachment below.
The following students received awards:
• Denkmann Elementary: Gabriel Chavez, K’Moo Hser, Cylar Smith, Izabel Vega
• Earl Hanson Elementary: Ally Ford, Zoey Johnson, Gabriella Schrempf
• Eugene Field Elementary: Brock Carroll, Molly Hixson, Calla Kean, Jacob Moritz
• Frances Willard Elementary: Adrina Gomez, Jenny Paw,
 Longfellow Liberal Arts: Ivan Avila-Perez, Kamryn Stevenson
 Ridgewood Elementary: Aniya House, Kameryn Neville, El Po
 Rock Island Academy: Jillie Cruz-Oliveros, Lowson Jabbah, Daivae Williams, Noela Wirium
 Rock Island Center for Math & Science: Lily Carls, Kylie Caston, Katie Poulos,
• Thomas Jefferson Elementary: Teagan Chandler, Josue Ramos Jr., Joseph Tavernier
• Edison Junior High School: Aubrey Doss, John Htoo, Ja’liyah Rainer, Avian Thomas
• Washington Junior High School: Samuel Htoo, Isaac Perez, Olivia Seidlitz, Tyler Whitten
• Rock Island High School: Eliza Aleman, Nyambanguka Benise, Kal Boswell, Andrew DeMarlie, Landon Hamilton, Dah Gay Htoo, Marnaysha Jackson, Jacob Stribling
Rock Island Schools Celebrate Students With Medal Of Honor Program
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Rock Island Schools Celebrate Students With Medal Of Honor Program

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