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Bucktown Is Back!

Bucktown is back.
The art gallery is reopening today after being closed for over two months due to the Flood of 2019.
Bucktown Is Back!

Sunrise Galleries East in the Bucktown Center for the Arts is reinstalling paintings and photography after having the business closed since April 30th when a Hesco barrier broke flooding Downtown Davenport.

Gallery owners Jane Doty and Jim Elias will be in their business today from 10:00am to 3:00pm hanging art they removed during the flood. Sunrise Galleries East will reopen for business Thursday, July 17.

Located at the corner of 2nd Street and Pershing Avenue, The Bucktown Center for the Arts basement filled with flood waters. The building was without power and air conditioning until mid June with al of its businesses closed for over two months.

“Heat and humidity is not good for art,” says Elias. “That’s why we had to get all of our work out of the building and be closed.”

Elias and Doty removed over two hundred pieces of art from their gallery in May to Sunrise Gallery in Muscatine.

“It was like Floodmageddon; it just wouldn’t quit,” said Elias about the Flood of 2019. “Compared to other businesses we were fortunate that we didn’t lose property it inventory. But we lost most of the summer’s prime time for business.”

The business opened on June 1, 2018 and was preparing for its first anniversary when the flood hit. Elias and Doty are using this opportunity to refresh their business and reopen this week.

Both artists have created new original work ‘commemorating’ the flood.

For more information, please call Jim Elias at 563-299-6855, or visit them at The Bucktown Center for the Arts, 225 E 2nd Street Suite 101, Davenport.

Bucktown Is Back!

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