ts_eventpageCalling all paranormal enthusiasts: Lace up before the Bix 7 and get ready to be running scared as documentarian Chad Calek from reality TV’s “Paranormal State” makes a stop here in Bettendorf on Friday, July 22 for the “Sir NoFace” Paramerican Tour.

With phantom lights blinking on command and a promise of seeing a real ghost on film, “Sir NoFace” is set to drum up some real frights. The film documents an investigation sanctioned by the Australian government to validate or “debunk” paranormal phenomenon on Australia’s Cockatoo Island, home to a former penal institution. The investigation was led by Craig Powell of West Sydney Paranormal Research group.

Local resident Justin Holstein, a producer and director of photography of the documentary, and Calek first met Powell during a tour through Australia.

“Our jaws just dropped,” Holstein said as Powell showed clips of documented paranormal activity. This chance encounter put the wheels of the documentary in motion.

Multiple venues will be available which include some of Calek’s and Powell’s best evidence of paranormal activity, pictures and autographs, and a viewing of “Sir Noface,” as well as another documentary.

VIP passes are available and include a “ghost hunt” at the Bettendorf Brothers’ mansion, home to Rivermont Collegiate Event Center, as well as a private meet-and-greet session with the filmmakers.

To view the “Sir Noface” trailer and ticket information, visit: https://aghtelevision.ticketspice.com/bettendorf.

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‘Sir Noface’ Will Get Quad-Citians Running Scared On Bix Weekend
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‘Sir Noface’ Will Get Quad-Citians Running Scared On Bix Weekend

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