Air Date:

Friday, April 26, 2024

7:00 p.m.

WQPT PBS – Channel 24.1


WQPT is currently producing a local documentary that will give voice to a building with many stories to tell. It’s an institution that has been part of our Quad City history since 1928. Much more than a structure, Wharton Field House has played a significant role in our community’s past, but even more so in many of our personal lives. Beloved by all, it has hosted competitive sports at both the high school and professional level, and been a premier location for entertainment, with appearances by many famous entertainers and personalities including Gene Autry, Jack Benny, the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Johnny Cash, and Michelle Obama.

WQPT Illinois Public Television Showing Wharton Field House Documentary

Public television is often referred to as one of the most trusted brands in America.

Please help WQPT tell the story! They are inviting everyone to share their personal experiences, photographs, historical posters, trophies, artifacts and other items from events, concerts or games by March 31, 2024.  If you’d like, you can also be part of the project by making a financial contribution to help support the production of this local documentary. Donations can be mailed to WQPT at 3300 River Drive, Moline, IL. For additional information, please call 309-764-2400 or visit: wqpt.org/wharton

As a public media service of Western Illinois University, WQPT PBS actively serves a diverse audience throughout the West Central Illinois and Eastern Iowa region.

WQPT Illinois Public Television Showing Wharton Field House Documentary
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WQPT Illinois Public Television Showing Wharton Field House Documentary

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