Tiphanie Cannon, owner of Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie in downtown Davenport, and her dedicated staff, made the day of hundreds of health care workers today, delivering them free sandwiches and lunch as part of their Adopt A Nurse program!

As reported first on QuadCities.com, Cannon asked customers to spend $10 per employee, for Oh So Sweet to make and deliver individually boxed lunches consisting on one of their popular sandwiches, a giant cookie, chips and a pickle.

Some Good News: Davenport Restaurant Delivers 'Oh So Sweet' Treat To Quad-Cities Heathcare Workers

Tiphanie Cannon

On Nov. 17, Cannon had over 300 sandwiches delivered to Trinity campuses in the Quad-Cities, and today, they delivered 540 boxes for the ICU, Emergency Room, Medical Pulmonary Unit and Medical Telemetry staff at Genesis West, East and Silvis.

“ER and ICU nurses are working overtime to support those who are sick. And non-critical nurses are having to step in to help out too to provide the best care possible,” Cannon posted recently on Facebook. “And because of the high volume of Covid patients right now, nurses are not getting a lunch break. They need something they can grab and go in between patients so they can continue to care for those who are critically ill.”

The six-year-old Oh So Sweet (at 314 Main St., Davenport) has a regular customer who’s a nurse at Trinity Bettendorf, and last Saturday, when Cannon delivered to her, she told her about her “Adopt a Nurse” idea. She replied the nurses would love it and put Cannon in touch with the nurse manager.

They started making sandwiches Saturday afternoon, and six employees made over 300 to deliver on Tuesday to Trinity staff, among a variety of 10 different sandwiches.

The public can order for $10 each, and for any lunches that aren’t purchased, Oh So Sweet covers the rest, Cannon said. “If the public doesn’t

Some Good News: Davenport Restaurant Delivers 'Oh So Sweet' Treat To Quad-Cities Heathcare Workers

Tiphanie Cannon, right, and Emma Fritz make sandwiches at Oh So Sweet, Davenport.

respond, Oh So Sweet would make up the difference for sure,” she said Wednesday.

Cannon has been overwhelmed with gratitude from others. “Some people have told me it brought them to tears. It’s been positive for sure,” she said.

“Everybody’s counting on the nurses and the hospital staff, and they’re taxed right now,” she said. “They’re stretched very thin. One of the things I can do is feed people, and so I just felt like my staff and I came in on Sunday and Monday – which are our two days off – and we’re able to donate our time and whatever else we could to help them.

“It’s just important to me as a human being to give back, and help where I can, to be honest,” Cannon said. “It’s just the kind thing to do.”

Today on her Facebook, Cannon posted the following:
Omg. We did it.
Thank you #quadcities for supporting our #adoptanursre program today. We were able to make over 500 sandwiches for nurses and support staff at Genesis East, Genesis West and Genesis in Silvis.
The feedback from the hospital staff made it all worth it. I received a lot of messages thanking us for the sandwiches. One nurse even called me in tears (and she wanted me to know she is NOT a cryer) but the she and her staff were so overwhelmed and grateful for the lunch it brought her to tears. She told me they have three minutes to eat between patients and it meant the world to have lunch.
To all of the clinical and hospital staff: All of the Quad Cities knows how hard you’re working right now; from nurses to clerical staff to physical therapist and everyone in between. We see all of you. And you are our heroes. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for taking care of us during this pandemic.We appreciate you. And we love you. Thank you for letting us feed you today.
The future of Adopt A Nurse is bright. We are going to continue the program, but due to the overwhelming response and generosity of the entire Quad Cities, we are tweaking it a smidge to try and reach even more hospital and clinical staff. More details coming soon…!
Nice work #quadcities You made me proud today. And there’s no place we’d rather be. #ohsosweetbytiphanie
Some Good News: Davenport Restaurant Delivers 'Oh So Sweet' Treat To Quad-Cities Heathcare Workers
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Some Good News: Davenport Restaurant Delivers 'Oh So Sweet' Treat To Quad-Cities Heathcare Workers

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