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Quad Cities Comic Book Convention Returns To Bettendorf

It’s baaaaaaaack.
Quad Cities Comic Book Convention Returns To BettendorfIf you are looking to just buy comics and live in the QCA (or willing to drive there) you should come to the Quad Cities Comic Book Convention. No guests mean that you do not have to pay for the guests to come to the con, nor do the dealers so they pay less to set up and are more apt to give you a good deal. You can also attend as a fangirl or fanboy for FREE so if you are just looking for comics to buy then this is the place to go
The Quad Cities Comic Book Convention will be held on Saturday March 6 at the Ramada Inn in Bettendorf, IA. The Ramada Inn is located at 3020 Utica Rd (I-74 @ Kimberly Rd / Spruce Hills Dr, IA Exit 2). It will be open to the public from 10 AM to 4 PM and admission for the public is free.
There will be comics ranging from this year to the mid 20th century and in price from under a buck to 100s of dollars. Plus tihngs like toys and graphic novels. Dealers are also buying comics if you have them lying around you no longer want.
Remember when you come to a convention to buy your comics you get to see what the condition is of everything you buy before you buy it (not take someone else’s word for it), once you are there you can buy as much stuff as will fit in your car (or truck, van, SUV or on the back of your bike) and not have to pay any extra shipping charges or have the items damaged in transit (unless you decide to do it yourself).
Plus you do not risk anything by having to use Paypal, credit card online or send a cheque or cash in the mail to pay for your purchase! Remember to bring plenty of cash and avoid having to pay an ATM fee! Most (if not all) vendors do not take credit cards.
Quad Cities Comic Book Convention Returns To Bettendorf

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