Which is more powerful, love or friendship?

Quad-Cities Author Raza Moe Debuts Romantic Novel 'Sharing Love'That question is at the heart of Raza Moe’s charming, funny and good-hearted debut novel “Sharing Love.’’

“Sharing Love’’ tells the story of two friends who find their loyalties to one another tested by the siren song of an intriguing, beautiful woman. Which man will win out for her attentions? And when the competition ramps up, can anyone win?

“Sharing Love’’ is a light, sweet romance in the vein of classic romantic comedies like “Some Like It Hot.’’ It features a fun, engaging style and a breezy tale, making it perfect beach reading and an excellent choice for fans of romance novels.

“This is a great beach novel, a terrific book for people to read over the summer,” Moe said. “It’s romantic, funny, light-hearted and has a great charm to it. I think people will really enjoy it, relate to the characters and situations and have a very fun time reading it.”

Moe’s debut is in stores worldwide and online at all internet retail outlets. It is published by Dreams Reach Productions and distributed worldwide by Ingram books.
The novelist emigrated from India to Chicago to study screenwriting but soon converted to writing literary fiction. “The publication of my first novel is a dream come true for me,’’ Moe said. “It will be an amazing feeling to hold this book in my hands, as it is a story that is so close to my heart, and one that I feel will be close to many readers’ hearts as well.’’

To check out or order Moe’s book, see it here.

Quad-Cities Author Raza Moe Debuts Romantic Novel 'Sharing Love'
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Quad-Cities Author Raza Moe Debuts Romantic Novel 'Sharing Love'

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