QuadCities.com is happy to partner with Quad City Animal Welfare Center, 724 2nd W. Ave., Milan! Interested in adopting a pet? Check out Meet Our New Pet Of The Week... Mackushlaour Pet of the Week every Monday! Here’s this week’s pet…

How do you look into this eyes and say no? Makushla or “Mack” as we call her, is begging to get out of a shelter and in a home with you. Some dogs just really don’t do well in a shelter, Makushla is amongst them. The loud noises, stress and constant foot traffic terrifies her. Mack does well with kids 12 and up, and cats. She isn’t a huge fan of other dogs though. Think you could be the one to save this sweet 5 year old Boxer?

Meet Our New Pet Of The Week... Mackushla
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