Yup, it’s Monday.

And it’s cold and wintry out.

Where can you go for some sunshine and fun?

Well, here of course!

We know Mondays can be rough, so, every Monday, we give you a music video. A fun, funny music video. Something that’ll make you smile, Here's A FRESH Video You Deserve This Monday...make you laugh, make you reminisce, and make you realize that back in the day, music video creators were probably either insane or heavily intoxicated. But were also incredibly entertaining.

We call this feature, The Video You Deserve, and you can find it every Monday on your site for fun, free entertainment and features, QuadCities.com.

And today’s video is mighty BIG of us to post.


Anyway, it’s one of the most distinctive and funny videos of the ’90s.

The tune is “Big Me,” the fourth single by the Foo Fighters from their self-titled debut album Foo Fighters. When it dropped in in the spring of 1996, the song became a huge hit, getting as high as 13 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The success was in large part due to its video, which parodied the hilarious and popular Mentos advertisements, instead calling the candies  “Footos,” after the band, with the “Freshmaker” changed to “The Fresh Fighter”.

Oddly enough, the video almost didn’t come to be, at least in regard to the Foo Fighters.

The video’s director Jesse Peretz, had pitched the idea to another band, but they turned it down, and the Foos jumped in to grab it. Dave Grohl said at the time, “We had some difficulty finding a treatment that would suit the song, which is this short, tongue-in-cheek, ridiculously candy-coated pop tune. We didn’t want to make this big, pretentious portrait video. We wanted to make fun of ourselves and the song.”

“Big Me” was nominated for 5 MTV Video Music Awards at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards, winning only “Best Group Video“. The video, which parodies the Mentos ad campaign, was filmed on location in Sydney, Australia.

However, there was a downside to the song and video’s success, as fans started pelting the band with Mentos during the live performances of the tune. That led the group to actually stop playing it in concert for a while. Grohl said, “We did stop playing that song for a while because, honestly, it’s like being stoned. Those little … things are like pebbles – they hurt.”

The band got back into playing the song after fellow alt-rock superstars Weezer started performing “Big Me” during the Foozer tour both bands did together.

And, here ya go, a FRESH video for this week’s Video You Deserve, “Big Me” by the Foo Fighters:

Here's A FRESH Video You Deserve This Monday...
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Here's A FRESH Video You Deserve This Monday...

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