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Shots And Giggles Shoots Back Into Speakeasy

The Speakeasy, in downtown Rock Island, has been home to popular improv comedy shows in the Quad Cities for over 25 years!  For 20 years it was the home of ComedySportz and, after that, The Blacklist and The Open Source.  Through the years few improv comedy shows have been more popular then SHOTS ‘N’ GIGGLES! Shots And Giggles Shoots Back Into Speakeasy

First conceived by The Blacklist, SHOTS ‘N’ GIGGLES went on to be the most popular show The Blacklist performed at The Speakeasy for years and, after The Blacklist disbanded, The Open Source continued to do the show with many former Blacklist members.

SHOTS ‘N’ GIGGLES brings improv comedy and alcohol crashing together into one hilarious, crazy time! Throughout the show, the performers do shots and toasts with the audience while playing drinking-themed improv games that the audience shouts out suggestions for!

“As you can imagine the suggestions can get pretty crazy when you have a packed theatre with audience and performers that are having fun after a few drinks” said Speakeasy director of audience development Brett Hitchcock.

Local improv performer Josh Kahn who will emcee the the show said “The reason SHOTS ‘N’ GIGGLES is one of the most popular local shows is because it’s raw, unpredictable and uninhibited.  I love this show because no matter how many times I’ve been part of it something has always happened that makes me think I feel sorry for anyone who is missing this moment!” Joining Kahn on stage for this show are popular local performers Ian Heaton, James Draper, Todd Willhite and Kory May.

Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 the day of the show.  Seats can be reserved by calling 309-786-7733, ext. 2 or online at thecirca21speakeasy.com. The doors open at 7 and the show begins at 8.  Those attending must be 21 or older.

Don’t miss your chance to see one of the most popular comedy shows in the area March 30!

Shots And Giggles Shoots Back Into Speakeasy

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