Battle of the Bands/Acoustic QC 2023 is coming to the Mississippi Valley Fair bigger and better.

MVF is excited to announce Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds and co planned by MH Entertainment will be hosting the MH Battle of the Bands QC on Saturday, March 25, 2023!

This year they will have 2 battles throughout the day!

They will be hosting our first acoustic/duo battle starting at 1pm on Saturday, March 25, 2023! All genres of music are eligible and the top 8 acoustic/duo acts will advance to perform at the Battle of the Bands. The acoustic battle will start around 1pm and one winner will be opening up for a grandstand act.

The band battle will be starting roughly at 5PM on Saturday, March 25, 2023 and we will have the top 10 bands performing during the night. The band battle will consist of 5 country bands and 5 rock bands. One winner from the rock battle and one winner from the country battle will win an opening act at the Mississippi Valley Fair 2023.

Each musician will get 20 minutes to perform and will be judged by a panel of judges. The musician
With highest score will get opening grandstand act at Mississippi Valley Fair.

Times for each musician will be announced one hour prior to the battle start time.

Musicians/Bands performing at the battle are:

Gina Owens Music
Brittany Sword
Jordan Danielsen Music
Doug Brundies Big Acoustic Show
The Chickadees
Trystan Grisham
Scott Kirkhart Music
John Cole Born

Rock Bands Advancing
High Five Sinners
Look at Me
High Jinx

Country Bands Advancing:
Mike Bernard Music
Ariel McReynolds
The Michael Mikrut Band
Dirt Road Rockers
The Jason Kincel Band

This an event for all ages!
Free admission!
Doors open to public at noon!


Email Michelle at with any questions!

Rock Out March 25 with Battle of the Bands

Rock Out March 25 with Battle of the Bands
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Rock Out March 25 with Battle of the Bands

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