patrick hastieA little of the big apple is coming to a garage in Rock Island tonight.

Monday, August 22, Garage3’s Crew Neck Comedy Show will be showcasing comedians from New York City. Patrick Hastie, an Iowa native now living in New York, will be headlining. Featured along with Hastie will be Albert Kirchner and Nick Pupo from New York as well. Local comedians will be Benjamin Graham from Rock Island, as well as Travis Bails and Donny Townsend from Cedar Rapids.

Located at 817 22nd Street in the historic Broadway District of Rock Island, sits Garage3, named as being the third garage on the property of #MrRockIsland himself Dylan Parker and his wife Tia. Garage3 is home to mostly spoken word and poetry readings, but occasionally hosts the Crew Neck Comedy Show.

A creation from the mind of local comedian Andrew Cline, the Crew Neck Comedy Show is a place for traveling and local comedians to show off their talents. The show is free to the public, however a donation basket is available for the traveling comedians.

In respect for the residential neighborhood, attendees are encouraged to not park on the street. Parking is available at the Karpeles Museum on the corner of 22nd Street and 7th Avenue or in the church lot on 23rd Street.

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New York Comedians Headlining Garage 3 Tonight
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New York Comedians Headlining Garage 3 Tonight

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