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Big Apple Comics Didn’t Bite At Garage 3

Nick Pupo of New York performed Monday night at Rock Island’s Crew Neck Comedy Show at Garage 3.

Nick Pupo of New York performed Monday night at Rock Island’s Crew Neck Comedy Show at Garage 3.

Garage3, at 817 22nd Street in Rock Island, is becoming an ever more popular venue for traveling comedians, as the word spreads of its laid back atmosphere and warm crowds.  Named as being the third garage on the property of Dylan and Tia Parker, Garage3 is normally host to spoken word and poetry readings. Sporadically, however, it is taken over by comedians. Monday, August 22nd was one of these nights.

Hosted by local comic Andrew Cline, the Crew Neck Comedy Show is a free comedy showcase of local and traveling acts. A donation basket is passed around for the out of town entertainers, however. The August show featured comedians from New York City, as well as some local openers.

Benjamin Graham of Rock Island started the show by hosting a pretend podcasts he named “The Mid-show Show” wherein he interviewed Cline and played “two truths and a lie” with him. Graham was followed by Cedar Rapids comedian Donny Townsend, who joked about food and fishing, among other things. Travis Bails, also of Cedar Rapids, told tales of his real life job as a debt collector.

New York comedian Albert Kirchner followed the local acts, talking about being adopted. He joked about when he was five years old and met his new mom, he was hoping she was “the hot one” among the other mothers there. Nick Pupo from New York talked about 9/11 and sex, two subjects that he actually was able to get laughs from despite some controversial subjects.

The headliner of the August show was Patrick Hastie, an Iowa native now living in New York City. Patrick reminisced about growing up on a farm and becoming a vegetarian after his father made him watch his favorite cow get slaughtered. He also talked about proposing to his now wife as well as his favorite customer from back when he worked at a gas station in Boone, Iowa.

All the comedians had the crowd rolling in laughter and looking forward to the next Crew Neck Comedy Show, which will be October 3rd. The October show plans to feature comics from Chicago. More information can be found at www.Facebook.com/Garage3Shows.

Big Apple Comics Didn’t Bite At Garage 3

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