ComedySportz® Quad Cities returns to the stage this weekend – November 11 & 12. The show will perform every Friday & Saturday in its new home – The Spotlight Studio located within The Spotlight Theatre in Moline, Illinois

Long-time audience favorite improvisors will take the stage this weekend with new players who were a product of auditions held in September.

ComedySportz is a fast-paced, hilarious improv “game” with a red team and a blue team competing for the most laughs and the audience always wins. Nothing is scripted or rehearsed prior to the show and the result is non-stop laughs for players and the audience. The weekly show is great (and safe) for celebrations, get togethers, date nights, enjoying live entertainment, and more.

Comedy Sportz Brings The Funny Back To The Quad-Cities This Weekend!

ComedySportz is a global brand with 25 locations worldwide. Denny Hitchcock of Circa ’21 brought ComedySportz (which started in Milwaukee in 1985) to the Quad Cities in 1990. After playing at Circa and other venues, the Speakeasy became the ComedySportz home. Eventually, the troupe, under the ownership of Jeff Adamson, moved to the Establishment Theatre where the show performed through 2019. ComedySportz relaunched in July 2022 under new Owner Bob Kelly (CSz 1999) and is managed by Creative Development Director Rick Davis (CSz 1993) and Communications Director Monta Ponsetto (CSz 1990). The Spotlight Studio is managed by Brent Tubbs (CSz 2003) and his wife, Sara Tubbs.

Shows at The Spotlight Studio begin November 11 & 12 and will continue every Friday and Saturday night starting at 7:00pm. The Spotlight Studio is located at 1800 7th Avenue, Moline, IL.

Tickets are $15 and are available through the ComedySportz website,, The Spotlight Theatre website,, or at the door by credit card or debit.

Comedy Sportz Brings The Funny Back To The Quad-Cities This Weekend!
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Comedy Sportz Brings The Funny Back To The Quad-Cities This Weekend!

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