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Baked Confirms Final Closing, Offers Jobs To Workers At Other Businesses

As previously reported on QuadCities.com, Baked, at 1113 Mound Street in the Village of East Davenport, has closed for the final time tonight at 9 p.m.

Various current employees and friends of employees had been posting about the closing throughout today, but Baked didn’t confirm or deny it until commenting on a social media post on their Facebook page, saying their employees had been notified on Dec. 23. It was still unknown at the time what the fate of their employees was going to be.

Baked Confirms Final Closing, Offers Jobs To Workers At Other Businesses

Tonight, the business made an official statement on their page saying that employees were offered the opportunity for new employment at the owners’ other two local restaurants — Toasted, and Cookies and Dreams, both in downtown Davenport.

The official statement was as follows:

“Hey weirdoughs,
Obviously the facebook rumor mill is alive & well.
Sadly, Baked is closing for good.
We initially had a much different “final” post & farewell statement written & planned but we now feel as though a different statement must be made.
All employees have been offered positions at one of our other businesses. Rumors that state otherwise are simply untrue & irresponsible.
Our main priority has always been ensuring our staff remain employed & paid – even going as far to pay their salaries & paychecks out of our own pocket for weeks so that we could make it past the holiday.
Keyboard warriors will type, bully & continue to berate us & there is nothing we can do about that. The financial implications of the past two years & the many bad luck events that we have faced in general have all been contributing factors to this difficult decision of closing our doors for good. But beyond that – our mental health simply cannot continue to take the toll of what we have experienced as business owners in today’s society.
Baked Confirms Final Closing, Offers Jobs To Workers At Other Businesses
We have always done our best to create a business that employs as many people as possible, keeps them as busy as possible & contributes to our community in a positive way. However, it is time we focus our efforts in more kind places with our other locations and partners. We look forward to serving you at Toasted or Cookies & Dreams and at our other partners businesses.
Like we said MULTIPLE times, all previously purchased gift cards will be honored at Toasted. If you don’t want to use it at Toasted & would prefer a refund then please message the page – all of those will be personally honored as well.
Those of you who have supported us and know us we hope that we have made a fun impact! We are wishing the best and even though this address is not going to be called baked we are as always excited to see the next chapter.
Baked favorite menu items will still be alive and well! Our catering will still be happening! It might seem bitter sweet for us and everyone but this is not the end. We are just transitioning. It’s never easy but we do love and appreciate all of you and are doing our very best with all we have to continue the fun in other ways.
Please reach our via messenger for anything you need and any others who might want to say negative things we will simply delete and ignore.
Thank you”
Baked Confirms Final Closing, Offers Jobs To Workers At Other Businesses
Baked Confirms Final Closing, Offers Jobs To Workers At Other Businesses

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