Got a perfect pupper?

Meet Our Pupper Of The Week... Sophie!A great good boi?

A darn awesome doggo? wants to feature your dog in our new Pupper Of The Week feature!

Just send a picture of your pet with their name, your name, and a sentence or two about them and we’ll post their pic and story on

Message your doggo pics and info to And get ready to check out some cool doggos on your site for fun, free, local entertainment and features,!

This week’s pupper is Sophie, the doggo of Linda Ruebling!

Here’s what Linda says about her pupper:

This is Sophie. We rescued her the middle of September from King’s Harvest. She was 10 months old and had spent her life in a kennel in Oklahoma. When we first got her, she would barely let us pet her and was afraid of everything. She is doing great now. Very loving and protective of us. She still loves her kennel and drags her toys in there to use as pillows.

And here are a couple of pics:

Meet Our Pupper Of The Week... Sophie!

Meet Our Pupper Of The Week... Sophie!


Meet Our Pupper Of The Week... Sophie!
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