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Millie B, I’m Sendin’ Fa Ya… With The Video Ya Deserve

September 28th, 2020

That’s right. Every Monday we give you a cheesy music video to get your drab week started with a laugh. It drops here on your site for fun entertainment and pop culture, QuadCities.com, every 9:09, every Monday. Now, last week we went into the rabbit hole of Blackpool Grime, a music genre that was most popular in Blackpool, England, around 2016-2017, to dig around and share the video for the TikTok viral song “M to the B,” by Millie B. But that’s not the full title to the song. It’s actually titled “M to the B (Soph Aspin Send).” So who the hell is Soph... Read More

It’s The Video You Deserve, and M M M M M To The B, M To The B…

September 21st, 2020

The Video You Deserve does not live on vintage videos alone. Sure, most weeks we give you a cheesy video to start your week, when we drop The Video You Deserve every Monday morning, usually one from the early days of the video in the ’80s and ’90s, but sometimes we mix it up to reflect more current videos that are just as cheesy and strange. Like this week’s entry. If you, or a child or friend, is on TikTok, you’ve undeniably heard the following line: “We all know the best MC is M to the B It’s M to the B It’s M M M M M to the B Bang!” Usually though,... Read More