Learn About ‘Fantastic Beasts,’ Mythological Creatures And More At Spellbound

In the genre of fantasy and enwrapped in the mysteries of our world’s history, there have been mentioning’s of creatures that are not on Earth today. Spanning from Unicorns to Leviathans “mythical” creatures have filled the stories of our childhood and enchanted and thrilled us to imagine and seek the unknown. There is even a science pertaining to researching mythical creatures known as Cryptozoology. On Saturday, Dec.17, 2016 the gift shop known as Spellbound will be holding a class titled “Mythical Creatures.” The cost is $5 at the door or you can register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mythical-creatures-5-at-the-door-tickets-27248428784 Do... Read More