Sunday - April 18, 2021
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BREAKING: Sangeetha Rayapati Defeats Stephanie Acri In Hotly Contested Moline Mayoral Race

April 6th, 2021

BREAKING NEWS: In a race marked by divisiveness and strife, with a flashpoint of dark money fliers featuring misspelled accusations sent out to voters, Sangeetha Rayapati has defeated Stephanie Acri for Moline Mayor. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Rayapati had 61 percent of the vote to Acri’s 39 percent. with 6, 319 votes cast. Acri won the mayoral race in 2017 as a write-in over incumbent Scott Raes after Raes challenged her candidacy and the candidacy of then-challenger Bob “Mr. Thanksgiving” Vogelbaugh over them allegedly misnumbering their applications. At the time,... Read More

Will Acri’s Mistake Open The Door For Rayapati In Moline’s Mayoral Race?

April 1st, 2021

Stephanie Acri apparently has a very short memory. It was just four years ago, that previous Moline mayor Scott Raes was set to pretty much cruise to re-election. He’d done a pretty good job as mayor, voters seemed to like him, and there didn’t seem to be much reason to switch leadership for the city. Then Raes made the monumentally huge mistake of contesting the candidacy of one of the most popular men in the Quad-Cities, “Mr. Thanksgiving,” Bob Vogelbaugh (as well as Acri’s candidacy) over a ridiculous technicality that they didn’t number the pages in their... Read More