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Going Boldly Where ‘Star Trek’ Fans Go To See Captain Kirk’s Birthplace

June 30th, 2023
Going Boldly Where 'Star Trek' Fans Go To See Captain Kirk's Birthplace

I have boldly gone where some man may go, some day. Grandma, grab the smelling salts — I have been to the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk. Well, it may be the future birthplace. It may not. Not even Gene Roddenberry, who created “Star Trek,” exacted the place of Kirk’s conception, other than to say it was a small Iowa town. The citizens of Riverside, Iowa, population 826, say that it will be in their tiny bosom that Kirk’s parents indeed will do the deed. Hold the birthday cards, though. Kirk’s supposed conception will take place on or about... Read More

A Strange Taste For Cheesy Songs Begins With A Little Taco

March 11th, 2022
A Strange Taste For Cheesy Songs Begins With A Little Taco

I used up almost all my sister’s voicemail the other day. It couldn’t be avoided. There was something of vital importance I had to share with her. Taco’s “Puttin’ on the Ritz” was on the radio and the event had to be recorded for posterity. Especially the part where the robotic voice says “super duper.” You get the feeling that’s the part where the producers were trying not to cackle in Taco’s face. I’m a sick man, I know. But what afflicts me is a malady that most of us share — a love of cheesy pop songs. Not bad pop songs,... Read More