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Do You Believe In Aliens And UFOs? You’re Not Alone

September 8th, 2023
Do You Believe In Aliens And UFOs? You're Not Alone

Do you believe in little green men? No, I don’t mean leprechauns. We all know they exist, they make Lucky Charms. I mean aliens. Life on other planets. Black gold. Texas tea. Sorry, too many episodes of “Beverly Hillbillies” ingested. Judging by aliens’ popularity right now, even if you don’t believe, you’re still interested in the bug-eyed baldies. And the funny thing is, our perception of that life is about 90 percent shaped by the world of entertainment. Ever since H.G. Wells created Martians, the public’s imagination has far outstripped its logical... Read More

‘War Of The Worlds’ Stomps Into Black Box

October 9th, 2018
'War Of The Worlds' Stomps Into Black Box

The Black Box Theatre located in downtown Moline will present the original script of Orson Welles infamous “War of the Worlds: The 1938 radio script,” by Howard E. Koch and based on the novel by H.G. Wells. The production will open October 11 and run through October 21. The Black Box Theatre cast includes James Driscoll, Matt Walsh, Scott Tunnicliff, Mark Ruebling and Michael Alexander. The production will be directed by Lora Adams with assistant director Sara J. Armstrong Kutzli, and stage manager Meredith Biechele. “The War of the Worlds” was first performed and broadcast by The Mercury... Read More