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Only ONE Person Thought ‘Star Wars’ Was Going To Be A Success, And There’s A Lesson In That

October 1st, 2021
Only ONE Person Thought 'Star Wars' Was Going To Be A Success, And There's A Lesson In That

It’s important to have the vision to see the potential of someone or something, and not just the sight to see what they are now. In early 1977, George Lucas screened an early cut of “Star Wars” for a number of filmmakers and studio executives. It was before all the special effects were finished on the film, and there were still some cuts that needed to be made. ALMOST every single person there hated it. The executives walked out, at the afterparty filmmaker Brian DePalma infamously tore it to shreds with his critique, and Lucas was understandably depressed. Only ONE person... Read More

May The 4th Be With You! Could The Force Become A Religion?

May 4th, 2021
May The 4th Be With You! Could The Force Become A Religion?

Could “May the Force be with you” someday be more than a T-shirt slogan? Might it one day become the climactic phrase of a religious ceremony? According to Hollywood lore, when the first “Star Wars” film became an outrageous success, George Lucas’ ambitious friend Francis Ford Coppola suggested that Lucas try to turn the philosophies of the “Star Wars” series into a religion. Lucas laughed it off. However, given recent events, he may have to once more fend off Coppola’s insistence. Since Disney bought the franchise, the “Star Wars” films and shows... Read More