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It’s A Crisis For DC

October 26th, 2018
It's A Crisis For DC

In the last two weeks DC Comics has released two comics that have garnered a lot of attention. Just to be safe let’s establish both spoiler and mature content warnings. Two weeks ago was the release of Batman: Damned #1. Which included the first appearance of Batman’s penis, affectionately dubbed The Batawang (not in the comic itself, obviously).  This sparked some controversy, which should have been expected, but is so tiresome. Some retailers got angry that a book, heralded as DC’s first comic in their Black Label line of mature readers comics, but unlike Vertigo these comics... Read More

It Seems To Be Back To The ‘90s In Comics

May 10th, 2017
It Seems To Be Back To The ‘90s In Comics

Going over the news coming out of the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) there was a comic coming out from DC Comics that is following a recent trend in comics that I personally find overexposed. Following DC’s new Batman event Dark Nights: Metal, DC is starting a new imprint: Dark Matter. Dark Matter appears to be the most 90’s thing I’ve seen in comics since they announced the new Youngblood comic. One of the ways you know how 90’s these comics are is because DC’s announcement let the writers play second fiddle to the artists they had on these books. To the point that the artists... Read More

Our New Columnist Welcomes You To The Action-Packed World of Comic Books!

August 24th, 2016
Our New Columnist Welcomes You To The Action-Packed World of Comic Books!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Local comic book fan Ryan Franks will be writing about comics and comics culture for QuadCities.com as our new columnist. We hope you enjoy his treks into the comics world! My earliest memory of comic books comes from when I was about three. My parents and I were at some kind of family gathering and a very boring one at that. I had with me Transformers Comic Magazine #4, a digest sized comic collecting Transformers #7 and 8 from the original 1984 run of Marvel comics. Given that I was three I wasn’t able to actually read the book as printed. What I would do is look at the drawings... Read More