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Chef Laken’s Kitchen Brigade Is Culinary Poetry In Motion, Doc Says

September 23rd, 2021
Chef Laken's Kitchen Brigade Is Culinary Poetry In Motion, Doc Says

Kinetic is the word that comes to mind when speaking with Chef Laken. It’s a Wednesday night and I am sitting down to share a meal and a conversation with another incredible Chef. The restaurant, The Kitchen Brigade, 210 E. River Drive, Davenport. The food, Wings and Cakes (Double fried chicken wings, sticky honey chow chow with Alabama white sauce and lattice corn cakes) and Chicken & Grits (Pan seared thigh, green chile grits, chorizo cream, cilantro salad, with roasted tomatoes) Quite possibly the best grits I’ve ever had. These Chef made meals by the QC and maybe world famous... Read More

No Doubt About It: Doc Loves Double Ds… In Davenport

July 18th, 2021
No Doubt About It: Doc Loves Double Ds... In Davenport

As I smash my face between these tasty juicy breasts, I realize why I love Double Ds. Sorry, that is a little vague. I realize why I love the Buffalo Chicken breast sandwich from the Double D Diner and why I order two at a time. With all of our differences between us cant we all agree that Double Ds is what this country needs to heal? Even my wife agrees with me though her lower back hurts, and she hasn’t really enjoyed them since she was in college. She does loves a good pair though. Sorry, Buffalo chicken breast sandwiches, got distracted again which is easy to do with Double Ds…Diner.... Read More