BREAKING: Covid-19 Spread Rapidly Accelerating Across Illinois, Could New Shutdowns Be Coming?

BREAKING NEWS: Covid-19 metrics are rapidly accelerating across Illinois, an ominous sign that more mitigations and a potential shutdown could be on the horizon. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, over the previous three days, cases are up 7,858 (up 2,256 compared to last weekend). Individual day’s numbers are: Saturday: +3,034 Sunday: +2,259 Monday: +2,565 7-day Average: 2,713 (+321) Positivity: 4.9% (+0.3%) Hospitalizations: 1,384 (+184) Deaths: +29 (3-day total, up 18 or +163%) Last week, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker announced a return to covid mitigations... Read More