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With Chick-Fil-A, Victoria’s Secret Closing, Is Illinois’ SouthPark Mall Dead?

February 15th, 2022
With Chick-Fil-A, Victoria's Secret Closing, Is Illinois' SouthPark Mall Dead?

When one of the most popular restaurants in the Quad-Cities shuts down a location, how poorly does that location have to be? Chick-Fil-A, which generates around-the-block lines at its Davenport and Moline John Deere Road locations, announced today it’s closing up its location at Moline’s South Park Mall on Feb. 26. The spot had been open there since 1983. Yesterday, at the same mall, Victoria’s Secret posted that Valentine’s Day (appropriately enough) was going to be its last day open, and that it was closing up shop at SouthPark. How many more stores need to close up at... Read More

BREAKING: Chick-Fil-A Coming To Rock Island In 2021?

December 23rd, 2020
BREAKING: Chick-Fil-A Coming To Rock Island In 2021?

BREAKING: Chick-Fil-A may be coming to Rock Island in 2021, according to a source who asked not to be named, but who has knowledge of the situation. The source mentioned that the popular chicken chain was looking at at least two locations in Rock Island, one on the corner of 38th Street and 18th Avenue, across from Aldi, and the other one on 24th Street next to the new Dollar Tree store at 2252 24th Street. The franchise is seriously looking at the city for a new spot due to the massive, and somewhat unexpected, success of their pop-up stands they ran in the city over the summer, most notably in... Read More