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Quad-Cities' Mask Makers Stepping Up

Quad-Cities’ Mask Makers Stepping Up

In the face of a shortage of masks and a greater need than ever for people to have the face-coverings, a number of Quad-Citians have stepped up to help make homemade masks for everyday folks in the Quads. A lot of these masks have gone out to whomever has come forward to claim them, whether […]

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Quad-Cities Full Of Good News For April!

Quad-Cities Full Of Good News For April!

Even in the midst of this terrible time, there’s always some good news, always people rising above the depressing and dark news out there and trying their best to do good works and be positive in this world. And every month, I, in conjunction with our media partners at KWQC-TV6’s “Paula Sands Live” bring you […]

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