Wednesday - April 14, 2021
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It’s Time For The Video You Deserve, Herr Kommissar…

February 8th, 2021

The ’80s were a magical era of fun songs, creative videos and plenty of one-hit-wonders. But it was pretty rare that a one-hit-wonder was written by a guy who would go on to have another hit that would be thought of as his own one-hit-wonder, but not have a hit with the original song that was covered by the first one-hit-wonder. You follow? No? Ok. Have a second cup of coffee, and come along with me into the world of “Der Kommissar”… The song was originally written by the Austrian artist Falco in 1981, and covered a year later by After the Fire. The Falco version would become... Read More

Don’t Be Too Shy, Check Out The Video You Deserve!

July 20th, 2020

Welcome back! It’s Monday, and you all know by now that means today you get your Video You Deserve. That’s right, every Monday, to begin your week with awesomeness, we, the kind, tender, gentle, loving, butt-kicking souls at QuadCities.com give you a cheesy music video to start your week with a laugh and maybe a weird video and catchy song or something. This week’s video is from a band that was a one-hit wonder in the United States and like, a four-hit wonder in their native UK. It was 1982, and a four-piece band calling themselves, pretentiously enough, Art Nouveau, was seeking just... Read More

The Brat Pack Makes Tour Stop at RIBCO

January 8th, 2020

“The 80s aren’t over till we say they are.” The Brat Pack brings all the best of the 80s to RIBCO (1815 2nd Ave Rock Island) this Friday Jan 10 from 8 – 11 p.m. And you won’t want to miss it! The Brat Pack has delivered happy 80s and beyond party goodness throughout this great land for eighteen sweet years – that’s 150% the size of the Me Decade itself. The Brat Pack plays those never-ending hits so true to the originals that every once in a while, a listener suspects lip-synching, so the band might have to treat them to a teensy little mistake just to set them... Read More