Tuesday - September 27, 2022
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The Blue Ribbon Lounge Podcast

The Blue Ribbon Lounge( From Independent Podcaster)

Matt and Dave spill their brain pieces all over a microphone in the Fabulous Blue Ribbon Lounge in this series of podcasting adventures.

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A lot of energy for the mics to handle, sorry if there's some weird audio.  Dave and Matt discover how much power one place can have when they map out some energy lines on the earth. Facebook...

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Safely tucked into the Blue Ribbon Lounge Matt and Dave spin tales of beasts from times ago.  Animal attacks can be dangerous but how deadly are they?  From sharks in the deep blue to the most...

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Thanks to our listener Lee we got to check out all the wacky stuff about the lost city of Atlantis.  Matt and Dave get a little weird about sports, something they probably have no  business talking...

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Oh boy Brian stumbled into the lounge and you know Matt and Dave can't resist talking to that guy!  Hope you enjoy us talk about the good ol days and some infamous feats of wonder! Brian is a...

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The episode the Government didn't want you to hear! We had a ton of equipment malfunctions but we got the episode out Matt and Dave talk more about Aliens UAPs (the new term for UFO) and things got...

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This is one titillating episode of people being ghosted by ghosts and ghosts getting ghosted by people and all around tales of the very erotic!  Grab your love potion number nine and listen to Dave...

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