Thursday - February 29, 2024
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The Blue Ribbon Lounge Podcast

The Blue Ribbon Lounge( From Independent Podcaster)

Matt and Dave spill their brain pieces all over a microphone in the Fabulous Blue Ribbon Lounge in this series of podcasting adventures.

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Dave and Matt talk about all the things that have been done in the name of science that maybe shouldn't have been.  Bombs, Chimps, Monkeys and Fleas OH MY! Facebook Merch Website

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69th episode dudes! We travel 200 nautical miles past the coast for international waters!  And more people are disappearing than you think! Laws are topsy turvy and you never really know what you...

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Apologies for the audio goof up, like cilantro some may not mind it and others may hate it.  If not check out an older episode.  But this episode we talk about all things Christmas, from songs and...

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This one's a real side splitter!  Joke master Davey has Matt rolling in his headphones with one-liners.  Hopefully you hear something funny and new and look up some great comedy from some of our...

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Matt and Dave let a little loose in the lips about capitalism and the rich who are begging to be eaten.  Is the Trilateral Commission the shadow government?  Short answer yes; long answer...

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