Saturday - May 25, 2024
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Shots To The Heart: Terrible Tales of Dating Disasters

Sean Leary( From QuadCities.com)

Ever been on a bad date? Sure you have. Unless you’re incredibly fortunate to have found the love of your life or you have a secret amulet warding off trolls, you’ve likely been on a few clunkers. And maybe more than a few of those have been so cringey they’ve actually been pretty hilarious. In retrospect, at least. Hosted by Sean Leary, SHOTS 2 THE HEART gives you all the cringeworthy details of those encounters as real people tell their true terrible tales of dating disasters, and, from time to time, our talented team of thespians re-enacts horrible dates for your listening pleasure. Check it out to hear the awful stories of those dates from hell!

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