1. QC Uncut: Mike Thoms - Mayor of Rock Island (Episode #100) Sean Leary 50:14

For my 100th episode of the QCUncut podcast, I went back to the beginning, with the same guest I had on episode number one — Mike Thoms. At the time of our first episode, Mike was running for Mayor of Rock Island, and was the first in our series of interviews with the people running for the office at the time. Now, Mike is Mayor of Rock Island. We talk about a variety of hot-button topics, including the consideration of possibly selling Rock Island‘s water and sewer service to a private company, the recent riots surrounding the presidential election and how some area Republicans in Rock Island County responded, the new law enforcement laws in Illinois and how they impact Rock Island, and more.

As always in our conversations, it’s provocative, eye-opening, and certainly educational as we discuss and debate the issues. It’s also the kind of candid and transparent conversation that this podcast strives for, and that we feel is incredibly important for the public these days, to show the depth and context of issues without any filter or editing, and with complete transparency so they can listen to all sides of an issue. I hope you enjoy it, and stick around for more episodes of QCUncut as we move into the 100s!


QC Uncut: Mike Thoms - Mayor of Rock Island (Episode #100)
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