1. QC Uncut: Justin Marxen Sean Leary 25:36

Are you ready to find out the creepy secrets of the Quad-Cities? Justin Marxen, star of the new QuadCities horror web series talks to us about the unsettling crime and horror drama set in the Q-Cs! 40 – Mini Series is a 5 episode horror themed mini series.Episodes drop every week on the “40 – Mini Series” YouTube page at https://youtube.com/channel/UCQ7uqCTsKD0QWp3oK192-mw

“As gruesome murders plague the 40, an unlikely duo must work together to restore peace to the area.” (The 40 are 4 cities in Iowa and Illinois that border the Mississippi River. 2 cities on each side of the river. 43 and 42 on the Iowa side and 51 and 38 on the Illinois side make up the 40. Fun fact: there are technically 5 cities, 39, but to make things easier we stuck with the 4).

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QC Uncut: Justin Marxen
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