1. QC Uncut: Billy Peiffer of Lynn Allen (Episode #110) Sean Leary 23:56

In a first in the 110 episodes of QCUncut, we ran into technical difficulties in the middle of our interview with Lynn Allen’s Billy Peiffer, necessitating a cutoff of our show mid-conversation and needing to jump back in for a part two. In our first part of this lengthy and fun conversation over beers at Rock Island’s Kavanaugh’s (where Lynn Allen will be playing Saturday night), we’re joined by new Lynn Allen bandmate Collin Keemle, and talk about he got involved in the band, the set list for this weekend, and a look back at some of the highlights of Lynn Allen’s 40-year-plus career. Stay tuned for Part Two, coming Friday!

QC Uncut: Billy Peiffer of Lynn Allen (Episode #110)
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