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  1. MDOT with Jonathan Bogner Modern Day Overthinker 1:25:02

Jonathan Bogner is a creative producer, entrepreneur, investor, disruptor, and consummate problem solver in his professional life. However, in 2007, Jonathan’s whole life changed completely.

In his own words: My “prior” life was great. I had a beautiful wife, two teenage sons, a nice home in Beverly Hills, and— I was living my dream job— of producing movies. In 2007, when I came back from selling my movie at a major film festival—My life changed in an instant.— I had heart failure, two massive strokes and aphasia (the inability to speak). I survived —but my heart had become a ticking time bomb.

On this episode of the Modern Day Overthinker podcast, Jonathan and I discussed not only his health issues, but his perspective on life after going through all that he did. From having 2 strokes, learning to speak again, and having a heart transplant, Jonathan has a hell of a story to tell. So much was shared throughout this episode including not being a victim of your circumstances, living in the moment, getting rid of toxic people from your life, and just having a more optimistic, positive perspective on life. 

One warning I’d like to issue here that suicide was discussed on this episode, and the opinions shared are opinions, and we all view the world differently. Most of us also know that suicide is a very touchy subject. If you are suicidal and need someone to talk to: Please call or text 988 or a loved one who cares about you. Don’t let fear or shame get in the way of asking for help! People care!

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MDOT with Jonathan Bogner
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